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Future Projects

Medical Complex

The management of Alpial Welfare Trust is in pursuit of a donor for about 4 to 6 kanal of land on Chakri or Chak Beli Khan Road. We are envisioned to build Medical Complex, comprising of eye hospital and vocational training center.


There are ten union councils in our area of operation. When the funds are adequate, it is planned to make one school each for boys and girls in a central location in area of right & left bank of Soan river.

Free Mobile Dispensary

Our team is planning to go for an extra mile, provide free medical treatment to the poor through setting mobile dispensaries across poor areas where hospitals are not available.

Mobile Utility Store

Majority of poor are even deprived of the basic necessities of life across this area. Therefore, the management of Alpial Welfare Trust will distribute at least two - three meals per day to address this problem.

Designing / Embroidery / Kashidakari Classes

To promote education and vocational trainings, our management is arranging diverse designing, embroidery and kashidakari exercises to train the young generation of this area.

Coaching Classes

Our Management has been emphasizing on coaching classes for the students of Govt High School of the villages to improve their English, Math & Science subjects along with an emphasis on their soft skill development.

Computer Literacy

Establishment of a state-of-the-art computer center has been planned to support and enhance the skill set and computer literacy of students and community.

Quaranic classes

To imbibe moral values and spread religious teachings our management has initiated Quranic classes for the children aging 4 to 12 years

Book Bank

We have initiated the drive to eradicate the shortage of books, we aim to save educational years of the poor, we will establish a book bank to cater such needs.

Ambulance Service

It is our prime agenda to facilitate the poor living in this area by providing immediate transport or medical facilities to wounded or seriously sick patients.

Blood Donation

Through blood donation project our team is looking forward to prepare young generation to voluntarily donate blood to seriously wounded or for saving life of dying patients in dire need of blood.

Teenage Health & Public Health Awareness Plan

In cooperation with Ministry of Health, lecturers are planned for students by experts regarding teenage and personal hygiene and health problems.