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Vision, Mission, Aims & Objectives


By implementing sustainable programs, enable poor and deprived to improve quality of life through good health and education.



To assist poor and deserving people of Thana Chauntra (consisting of ten union councils) in Rawalpindi Tehsil for their education, health and general welfare.


Aims & Objectives

  • To assist poor/orphan children in acquiring quality education so that they are able to contribute towards the development of the country effectively & efficiently.
  • To develop awareness about the availability of various training facilities in the Private/Government/Semi Government/Non-Government sector to teachers/students.
  • Help educated young boys and girls to choose a career which is according to their aptitude and interest.
  • Subsidize the cost of training, boarding, lodging and transport of deserving students after careful assessment of their needs to improve their educational abilities.
  • To initiate, promote, encourage and foster social services.
  • To produce and develop in any other manner websites, newsletters, journals, videos films and radio and television channels, programme and use all available media for furtherance of the objectives of the Trust.
  • To help poor widows in managing their house expenditure.
  • To arrange and financially help group marriages
  • To improve the grave site of our ancestor Rai Jalal Khan alias Peer Alpa and arrange yearly gathering at the grave site with a view to foster brotherhood in the area
  • Help poor/needy sick persons for obtaining medical treatment. Provide wheel chairs & crutches to handicap individuals. Arrange free eye and medical camps.
  • Plan, arrange funds, build and operate Alpial Medical Complex.
  • Plan, arrange funds and get schools made for boys and girls in areas where quality of education is not upto mark.


Area Selected for Welfare Activities



  • Alpial Welfare Trust
  • Alpial Welfare Trust
  • Alpial Welfare Trust
  • Alpial Welfare Trust
  • Alpial Welfare Trust
  • Alpial Welfare Trust
  • Alpial Welfare Trust
  • Alpial Welfare Trust